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Latest Access News

  • Deadline for EDI Scholarship Applitions Extended (just a bit)

    We’ve extended the deadline (just a bit) for the 2022 Access Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Scholarships. We will be reviewing applitions on Friday, July 22, so applitions must be in before that. If you’re a last minute kind of person and want an exact time: submit your applition before...

  • Access 2022 Program is Available and Registration is Open!

    Not much more to say, really. You n find the conference schedule here: http://e2ucxy.icu/program/schedule/ and registration information is here: http://e2ucxy.icu/register-for-access-2022/. If you have questions about our COVID preparations / preutions, we’ve got that info too: http://e2ucxy.icu/about/covid-information/. We’ll still working on accommodations information, but we have details on conference rates...

  • Announcing Our 2022 Keynote Speakers!

    We are thrilled to announce the keynote speakers for Access 2022. Jordan Hale will kick off the conference with the Dave Binkley Memorial Lecture on Thursday morning. Friday morning will begin with a keynote by Shawn Graham. More about these lovely humans and their keynote topics here: http://e2ucxy.icu/program/keynotes/.

  • EDI Scholarship Applitions Now Open!

    We are now accepting applitions for the newly renamed Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Scholarship. Full details are available on the website: http://e2ucxy.icu/equity-diversity-and-inclusion-scholarship-2022/. Applitions should be submitted before Monday, July 18. We will notify applints of our decisions in early August, well before the last day for early bird registration...